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Making marmalade

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Making marmalade is a sophisticated process. First, you have to assemble your ingredients. In California we have wonderful citrus so that's not a problem. But what you can't buy are the fabulous bitter Sevile Oranges. Apparently no one in California is interested in growing this spectacular orange. When I first made marmalade at 15, my mother ordered a box of Sevile oranges from the grocer. I was fortunate that in my first attempt I had the best ingrdients. I just added sugar and water and -voila- I turned out a magnificent tangy, slightly bitter marmalade that set perfectly. I rememember we poured it into assorted jam jars and a Maxwell House coffee jar and it kept for ages in one of the pantries. I might have been the main consumer of this because the rest of my family weren't marmalade fans. Today, in California I have to get creative in what goes into the preserve. I use a mixture of sweet oranges, lemons and limes, and when it's available, the perfumed citron called Buddha's Hand Citron.

I am looking for the right acidity level which will result in a good set. I only add sugar and water but I have a two-part process.That I will keep a secret! If you like a good, dark, subtly-flavored marmalade on your breakfast toast try my Victoria Marmalade! Buy at

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