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Jonny Minton
Personal Chef 

With forty years of experience in cuisines British, American and Indian Jonny Minton can create masterpieces for your table. 

Contact me at 323.326.6509 to hear about my previous catering events and to plan your California catering event. I will create special meals for you with my in-depth knowledge of fish and produce markets in Los Angeles. It will undoubtedly carry some classic techniques plus an infusion of the spices I am so comfortable working with.

I have foraged from a young age and apply my expertise to sourcing the finest delicacies and the freshest vegetables. 

Portrait of Johnny Minton in Chef attire
Wine bottles in a crate

Wine choices and advice

Wine is a complicated but rewarding subject, worthy of study. You can learn from an expert with long experience in the fine-wine business.

I offer consultations and wine advice to create a memorable dining experience. If you’re a beginner then let’s plan wine education classes.

For a special occasion choose from my large personal wine cellar or plan a wine-tasting of French or American wines.


There’s always a time for a celebration dinner. Here are some suggested packages but to plan your own version of a Michelin-star dinner please consult the chef.


Delicious, savory curries are the product of my deep immersion in the Indian culture. I have spent over a year in India and learnt the art of spices from the personal chef of the Indian High Commissioner. You’ll love the intensity and fragrance of the two styles I make: North Indian and South Indian.

North Indian is dominated by the classic curry spices: cumin, turmeric, coriander with chili and pepper added for intensity and heat. The South Indian style includes ginger, fresh chili and curry leaves plus generous use of coconut milk. 

Choose from Chicken, Shrimp or Vegetarian ( Vegan). All curries accompanied by basmati rice, vegetables in yoghurt and crunchy, appetite-stimulating poppadums.

For two people cost is $50 excluding delivery outside home area. Enquire for larger parties and for additional items such as pakora, samosas, special bread such as parathas or curry dips.

Catering Packages

Image of a fish, lobster and shrimp on ice


2 small or 1 large lobster.

Lemon butter and 2 sides, baguette.

1 bottle of vintage champagne, and an elegant chocolate dessert.


Image of prawns


4 small or 2 large lobsters. Lemon butter and 3 sides, baguettes . 1 magnum of  vintage champagne, and an elegant chocolate dessert.



Image by Alexander Naglestad


4 ounces of succulent, large-grain Osetra sturgeon caviar. Full caviar service . To accompany this and complete the meal  is 1 bottle of a famous top-of-the-line champagne, and an elegant chocolate dessert.


Image of white frosted cake with fresh strawberries

"A party without cake is just a meeting."

Julia Child

Baking is love! To smell the warm and comforting aromas coming from the kitchen is a pure and sensual experience. Having baked from an early age I am dedicated to perfecting my recipes. From basic cookies to pies to elaborate, decorated cakes you will find everything delicious and wholesome. I use only the finest ingredients: butter, unbleached flour and 70% dark chocolate are some examples. Plan your next event with a celebratory cake and give your personal endorsement to Julia Child’s famous quote.


• Dark Chocolate chip

• Oatmeal Raisin

• Ginger Snaps

$15.00 per lb.

• Dark Chocolate chip with walnuts

• Pistachio shortbread     

$18.00 per lb.


• Apple pie 

  8-inch diameter


• Lemon meringue pie

  9-inch diameter


Other flavors available by season


• Louisiana spice cake with pecans and raisins

   5 spices and dark syrup

   This is a large, moist cake, serving 10-12.


• Lemon Bundt cake with icing


• Chocolate cake with icing

   6 inch round ...................... $45

   8 inch round ...................... $65

   12 inch round ................... $100 –$145  (depending on decoration level.)

Not a chocolate fan?

• Vanilla sponge cake sandwiched

   with whipped cream, berries, and Foraged Food preserves. 

   6 inch round ...................... $45

   8 inch round ...................... $65

   12 inch round ................... $100 –$145  (depending on decoration level.)

Please reach out to me to create that show-stopping cake you want!

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