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Curry love.

20161006_195050My favorite food is curry. Whether vegetarian or not it is great. The flavors so complex and evocative of the area. It could be from India, Thailand, Nepal, Burma or the United Kingdom!

Meat, fish or just vegetables it is an exploration of how much flavor you can pack in a single dish. There may be tons of garlic and onions or none at all. Ginger, turmeric,cumin and coriander all find their way in. Tamarind, coconut and curry leaf define the dishes from Southern India. Mustard seeds are used with great flair in all Indian curries and some regions depend on mustard oil for that defining taste.  Dry or with abundant sauce to be mopped up with rice or naan a curry is something supreme.

Olive Bread

Our olive bread is sensational and much appreciated by all our customers.  Whole grain and unbleached white flour, black and green olives, sea salt and a smidgeon of olive oil all go into this loaf. It’s great with hummus, makes amazing grilled cheese sandwiches and goes with almost anything, even fig jam.

Olive Bread $15

Olive Bread $15

Foraged Food Mission statement

We are an artisan food company producing in small batches from carefully selected ingredients. We avoid preservatives, food colorings and high-fructose corn syrup, while gathering our ingredients as close to the earth as possible.

Quality and integrity define our output.

Autumn baking.

When the temperature falls we get our baking hats on. This fruit brioche is packed full of great flavors from three kinds of raisins to candied lemon peel. With the enrichment of eggs and butter this bread will last a long time. We slice and eat these luscious slices just as they are.It’s a great start to the day.


Fruit brioche available in one pound loaves for $10. Enquire for larger sizes.




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Pickles that taste real.

Vegetables pickled in brine. They undergo fermentation and produce lots of lactic acid and lacto-bacilli. Very healthy and good for digestion. Here we have three or four veggies fermenting. Should be ready in a week.


The pink liquid is the brine from a past fermentation. I use it in bread making and we do shots of it sometimes.20161006_104906-1-120161006_104858

Autumn time

We are making lots of seasonal goodies. From meatloaf to marzipan. Fall has never tasted better20160915_100929